European Control Conference (ECC99)

August 31 - September 3, 1999, Karlsruhe, Germany.

--Adaptive Predictive Control of ASCE Canal-- by K. Akouz, A. Benhammou, P.-O. Malaterre, B. Dahhou

--Multi-objective control of a MIMO dams-rivers system-- by X. Litrico, D. Georges

--Robust decentralized constant volume-control for open channel network-- by C. Seatzu

--Comparison of control algorithms for upstream control of four-pool laboratory canal-- by: C. Victor M. Ruiz, P. Adolfo Miranda, H. Jorge V. Prado

--PI-regulation of irrigation canal systems-- by: C.-Z. Xu, G. Sallet, Mdallal

--A Lyapunov approach to control irrigation canals modeled by Saint-Venant equations-- by: J.-M. Coron, B. d'Andrea-Novel, G. Bastin

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