Rivers and Irrigation Canals Modelling and Regulation

The G-eau - GO - Arceau Research Group is composed of:

Jean-Pierre Baume (Group leader)

Pierre-Olivier Malaterre

David Dorchies (Arrived 2009)

Cyril Dejean (Experimentation manager; Just half of him, from 2010)

Gilles Belaud (Ensam research associate)

Jean-Claude Bader (IRD)

Xavier Litrico (Left the team in 2011)

Pierre-Yves Vion (Left the team for a new position in French New Caledonia in April 2007)

José Ribot-Bruno (Experimentation manager, left the team for Bamako in 2009)

Caroline Sart (Postdoc researcher, from November 15th, 2004 to May 2006)

Iana Guenova (PhD student, from October 1st, 2001 to early 2005)

Nadia Bedjaoui (PhD student, from November 1st, 2003 to January 2007)

Emad Shudifat (PhD student with SCP, from 2003 to February 2007)

Fabien Christin (PhD student, from October 1st, 2004 to 2007)

Simon Munier (PhD student, from October 1st, 2006 to 2009)

Ophélie Fovet (PhD student, from October 1st, 2007 to 2011)

Nelly Jean-Baptsite (PhD student, from February 1st, 2008 to May 2011)

Sothéa Hong (PhD student, from December 1st, 2010 to 2013)

And many students!

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